The Crew: Jackson County 2017

Members of the crew for the 2017 dig in Jackson County are listed below. These individuals donate their time and expertise, at their own expense, to search for relics that will all be donated to the land owners. They do it because they love the hunt and the history. More crew members will be added as they confirm their availability to attend.

James Acker
Milwaukee, WI
Daniel Adamson
Downingtown, PA
Derek Asklar
Bushnell, FL
Patty Asklar
Wesleychaple , FL
Todd Aubry
Lancaster, OH
Booty Hunters Metal Detecting
Gerald Bates
South Easton, MA
David Batteiger
Sunbury, OH
Stan Benjamin
Deltona, FL
Tim Booher
Statesville, NC
NC Dirt Detectives (NCDD)
Aaron Bradley
Mansfield, OH
Josh Bradley
Mansfield, OH
Robert Brown
Ashland, VA
Joshua Buckwalter
Broadway , NC
Tom Bunch
Wartrace, TN
Ron Caiazza
Palm Coast, FL
Linda Carmellini
Parma , OH
Dan Centofanti
Dawsonville, GA
Alan Charles
Lexington , SC
Arthur Collins
Kettering, OH
The Dayton Diggers
Austin Collins
Kettering, OH
Dwight Colon
Orlando , FL
New Age Goonies
Barbara Connell
Cullowhee, NC
Bernard Conner
Beaver Falls, PA
James Conrad
Proctorville , OH
Joe Cooper
New Philadelphia , OH
Jeanne Cygan
Palm Coast, FL
Corey Danford
Cumberland, OH
Nick Degler
West Frankfort , IL
Matt Degroff
Millbury, OH
Monty DeWitt
Fairmont, WV
Brandon Donnelli
Peoria, IL
Dawn Donnelli
Peoria, IL
Dirt Detectors
Kaitlyn Donnelli
Peoria, IL
Loralei Donnelli
Peoria, IL
Nathan Dunn
Columbus, IN
Just Dig It Metal Detecting
Adam Eberth
Newark, OH
Dave Edinger
McKenzie, TN
Tyler Fargo
Rossford, OH
Danny Frame
Canton, OH
Sam Frankart
Tiffin, OH
Kurt Franz
Baldwin , MD
The Hoover Boys
Dianna Gaskins
Wilmingtion, OH
Fred Gaskins
Wilmingtion, OH
Shane Godfrey
Clarkston , UT
Brandi Goulet
West Carrollton , OH
Robert Goulet
West Carrollton , OH
Drew Greer
Prospect, OH
Chris Gruber
Barron, WI
Chuck Hafner
Chillicothe, OH
First Capital Diggers
Russell Hall
Orrville, OH
Carolyn Harwick
Deltona, FL
The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club
Bill Hayes
Heath , OH
Buckeye Championship Treasure Hunt
Tom Haynes
Jackson, OH
Bill Hill
Middleriver, MD
The Hoover Boys
Ben Hoffman
Lexington , OH
Ron Hoffmann
Lebanon, OH
Treasure Hunters Supply
Travis Holton
Irvine, KY
Kentucky Dirtfishing
Marc Hoover
Altamonte Springs, FL
Adventures In History
Bob Horst
Baltimore , MD
The Hoover Boys
Nancy Howard
Bellbrook, OH
Boyd Jackson
Lexington, SC
Vicky Jackson
Lexington, SC
Brad Johns
Mitchellville, MD
The Hoover Boys
Steve Johnson
Winchester , KY
Southern Silver Seekers
Troy Johnson
Clyde, OH
Irvin Jones
Loveland, OH
Matt Jones
Vanceboro , NC
Len Kalber
South Bend , IN
Len Kalber
South bend , IN
Ryan Kammerer
Mesquite , NV
Relic Ryan
Bryant Kester
Windham, OH
The Bomber Boys Metal Detecting
Evan Kready
Uhrichsville , OH
Matt Kwiatkowski
Winder , GA
Jerimy Landrum
Jackson , OH
Gregg Libby
Heath, OH
Smells Like Silver on Youtube
Tom Madru
Frankfort, OH
Chris Mandich
Seven Hills, OH
Bill Marshall
Zanesville, OH
Ohio Relic Hunters Metal Detecting
Bill McDougale
Bardstown, KY
Kentucky Backroads Metal Detecting
Chris Mcintire
Okemos, MI
Pull Tab Posse
Robert Meluskey
Wilkes-Barre , PA
Christine Merriam
Orlando, FL
The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club
Kathy Moll
Saint Mary, MO
Leslie Moll
Saint Mary, MO
Dennis Morrison
Bluffton, OH
Ringfinder 7
Tye Neiswonger
Beallsville, OH
Ashleigh Newlon
Jacksonville, FL
Chrononaut Metal Detecting
Joel Newlon
Jacksonville, FL
Chrononaut Metal Detecting
Joshua Nickerson
Taunton, MA
Lester Nowak III
Fremont, OH
Richie O'Neil
Columbus , OH
Brian Parker
Spring Lake, MI
Michigan Metal Detecting
Bill Pendergrass
Smyrna, TN
Leo Pollock
Essex , MD
The Hoover Boys
Chris Quinn
Eastlake, OH
Dirt Fishing Ohio
Sam Quinton
Lansing , MI
Matt Rappaport
New Bern, NC
Shawn Regan
Johnstown, PA
Tim Regan
Windham, OH
The Bomber Boys Metal Detecting
Linda Ricci
McKenzie, TN
Bryan Robinson
Ocala, FL
New Age Goonies
Dean Ryberg
Blue rock, OH
Jacala Ryberg
Blue Rock, OH
Mike Saunders
Sidney, OH
The Dayton Diggers
Gus Seretis
Dover, NJ
Jared Shank
Xenia, OH
The Dayton Diggers
Jason Shelor
Spring Lake, NC
Charles Shipley
Bloomingburg, OH
Grover (Dick) Shipley
New Holland, OH
John Sikorski
Armada, MI
Peter Siver
Fulton, NY
Eddie Smith
Newark, OH
Diggin with Eddie
Scott Smith
Lancaster, OH
Booty Hunters Metal Detecting
Roger Snell
Lebanon, OH
The Dayton Diggers
Mike Speiser
Paulding, OH
Fred Stedtler
Mahwah, NJ
Mick Stormer
Corsica, PA
High Tones Honey Badger (YouTube)
Mark Sullivan
Grove City, OH
Joe Taylor
Kings Mills , OH
Ohio Detectorist Association
Miller the Bugkiller
Duquoin, IL
Joe Toth
Howard , OH
Two Tone Joe
Olivia Toth
Howard , OH
Keith Tucker
Worth, IL
All American Treasure Hunters
Vic Tucker
Danville, VA
Va/Nc/Sc Points and Artifacts
Eric Wallace
North Olmsted, OH
Grave Digger Tools
Debbie Walper
Millington , IL
Adam Ward
Carnegie, PA
Sam Waters
Uhrichsville , OH
Back Yard Diggers

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