What to Expect from the Crew

img_3704Our crew of expert detectorists love history and the metal detecting hobby. They are, in fact, the hobby’s greatest ambassadors – making every effort to make a positive impression on the community. This includes volunteering their own time, equipment, and expertise to help expand the understanding of local history. To that end, you can expect the following from the crew upon our arrival at the site:

  • All detectorists (aka “diggers”) must be registered to participate in the event and must carry dig permits.
  • We work with landowners to gain access to private property and will show the utmost respect and care for that property.
  • It is always our goal to leave the land in as good or better shape than we found it.
  • All holes made to recover targets will be properly filled, the surface will be restored as closely as possible to how it was found, and the recovered target (relics or trash) will be removed.
  • All recovered targets are collected by crew leads and CWPPO will work with landowners and the historical society on the preservation and placement of relics. Volunteers understand when they agree to participate that they will not be able to keep any items they find.
  • Diggers have some discretion to identify recovered artifacts in the field. Those that are known to be of historical value and those that may be of interest will be recorded in the field. A short description of the artifact and the location at which it was recovered will be recorded. The item will then be bagged along with the written record. Modern trash will be gathered and examined by crew leads to verify no items identified as trash is actually a relic.
  • We work in teams, allowing diggers to consult with one another on recoveries as well as enjoy the company of fellow volunteers.
  • Diggers may carry beverage containers and food items into the field, but absolutely no trash will be left on the property.

It bears repeating that this is the behavior you should expect from our crew. We do not need to remind them because they practice these principles every time they go out to enjoy this hobby. They hold themselves to these standards as well as others who wish to participate in the hobby.

The CWPPO is thankful to have the support of such a dedicated group of individuals who love recovering history and are willing to donate their time and talents!

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